Our Mission

At Radiance Travel, we aim to elevate every aspect of your next escape—so it’s not just a vacation, but an indulgent journey that touches your soul.

It all starts with our personalized planning approach, where we get to know you and your deepest travel desires. We’ve developed relationships with the most pampering properties, most extravagant resorts, and most knowledgeable guides across the globe to bring our clients more “wow” on their vacations.


Hi, I'm Jessica Pressler!

I’ve been designing custom vacations for luxury-loving clients since 2013. Radiance Travel represents the best that a vacation can be: full of love, connection, and plenty of support every step of the way.

My Story

Besides a few family vacations to Mexico, my first taste of international travel was when I studied abroad during college, on a whirlwind program that took me to Paris, Prague, Brussels, and Rome. While each destination was more fabulous than the last, how I traveled definitely left something to be desired (you know what college budgets are like).

When I first began in the travel industry, I upgraded from Airbnbs to decent all-inclusive resorts. Still, it felt like something was missing on my travels—until I indulged in a true, 5-star luxury travel experience.

Instead of impersonal service and decor plucked straight from a catalog, you get a warm staff who greets you by name and an impeccably designed property with a real sense of place. And that’s what I love about luxury travel, how every thoughtful touch is designed to make you feel special. You deserve nothing less on vacation!

The Luxury of Unforgettable Experiences

Of course, it’s not just about crystal chandeliers and 1,000-thread count sheets. It’s about the experiences that immerse you in your destination. From flying in a hot air balloon over the vast plains of Kenya’s Maasai Mara reserve—and watching a pride of lions take down an enormous Cape Buffalo—to swimming with blacktip sharks and rays in the crystal-clear lagoon of Bora Bora, the once-in-a-lifetime experiences I’ve indulged in are what stay with me forever.

My team and I want to give you those kinds of forever memories. Because astounding luxury + exclusive, unGoogleable experiences add up to a vacation you won’t ever forget.


A Few of My Favorite adventures

get to know Jessica


Flying Dress Photoshoot in Bora Bora


A safari through Kenya


Decadent hotel stay in Vienna


Craft cocktails at sunset in Cabo


Boating on Lake Como

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Discover the Radiance Travel Difference

At Radiance Travel, we do things differently. Instead of cookie cutter, you get custom-crafted. Instead of online overwhelm, you get expert advice. And instead of impersonal service, you get one-on-one support.

Welcome to a luxurious approach to planning your travels

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